A project for the City of Luxembourg 2007.


The Oracle, situated in a park on the rue de Trèves, was available for consulation from 28th April until 2nd December.

A park bench by a clump of trees provides the perfect place to rest, to enjoy the view over the city, and to consult the oracle.

The Oracle predicts the future, of course, but it also comes up with wise statements, comments about the visible environment, personal advice, riddles, instructions for performative actions, political observations, and inspiration for all visitors. It attempts to answer all questions, especially those that the visitor didn’t ask. It is truly a 21st century oracle, using state-of-the-art random technology to prepare and share its wisdom.

The oracle speaks the languages Luxembourgish, French and German. For those who were not able to make the journey to the city of Luxembourg, an online consultation in English is still available. However, because of the great distances involved, and the limitations of bandwidth, the oracle cannot guarantee its habitual variety or accuracy.

voices: Sonja Neuman, Christophe Dumont, Stephie Büttrich.

texts: Justin Bennett, Stéphanie Templier, Renate Zentschnig.

curator: Hou Hanru. - Trans(ient) City program.

production: Art Public Contemporain, Paris.

Oracle responses inspired by, among others: Delphic utterances,
I Ching, Nostradamus, Eno/Schmidt’s “Oblique Strategies”,
Situationist International, “Kerndenkers” by André Garitte,
Jean Luc Godard’s “One plus one”, George Brecht, Confucius.
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