Notes to The Constellation Episodes: Follow the links and make your own constellation.

Episode 1: Artist and Dealer.

Cabaret Voltaire's Breathe Deep from 2x45

Dave's visit to Park Hill Flats was inspired by the work of Stephen Willats

Episode 2. Art 'n Drugs 'n Rock 'n Roll.

Gustav Metzger quote from "Writings 1953-2016" edited Matthieu Copeland

Carl gets annoyed about Giclee Prints

The Jimmies are watching Jean-Luc Godard's "One Plus One"

Episode 3. The Studio and the farm.

Gus's Welcome to Poundland in full.

Carl's website can be found under the manhole next to the petrol station.

"Modern" slavery and cannabis farms in The Guardian

Episode 4. Lockdown.

Gus's Tree-Felling trauma.

Episode 5. Mary, Naima and Justine.

Mary grew up next to Sellafield

Gus's infamous 1988 reading of Justine

Episode 6. Charge of the Light Brigade.

Happy Birthday sung by the Jubilee Choir

some of Paul Neagu's works

Gus and Carl's bad taste INFECTED playlist

Jeremy Deller's re-enactment of the Battle of Orgreave

Episode 7. Hip Priest.

Documentary about the Nine O'Clock Service

Roland Howard's book about the NOS

Episode 8. Revenge.

Naima is looking at events in Madrid, Smara, and London.

More film of the Nine O'Clock Service.

Episode 9. BLIAR.

"The Group" - Fabricata Illuminata - can be found on Anthony Bennett and Nick Cope's Sites.

The world of finance in London has been mapped marvelously by Joris Luyendijk

Additional audio recorded at Frank Goodman's Trading Floor by Vermeir and Heiremans

Episode 10. The Trip.

Bronze-age Stones on Ringinglow Moor.