The Constellation. Series One: all episodes


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Episode 1: Artist and Dealer.

We are introduced to Dave and Carl in Brussels. The sounds of the city. Flashback to Sheffield in the 1980's with Carl's dad, Cabaret Voltaire, Hare Krishnas, Dave's deals and a secretive drag opera club.




Fragment of "Breathe Deep" by Cabaret Voltaire.


Episode 2. Art 'n Drugs 'n Rock 'n Roll.

We meet Mary in The Hague. A short guide to Dutch swearwords. Carl and Mary visit Art Rotterdam. Gustav Metzger. Glicée prints. Flashback to meet The Jimmies with medical experiments, Cachaça, Godard and the Stones.




Audio fragments from 1+1 by J.L.Godard.


Episode 3. The Studio and the farm.

A message and a song from Gus. Carl's studio, the Constellations. A less friendly message. Dave confesses: Vietnamese farmers in a flooded bunker.




Song: Welcome to Poundland by Gus.


Episode 4. Lockdown.

Gus's dream. Tree-felling-trauma. Toby and Des. Jim on the front line and Tim's graffiti adventure.





Episode 5. Mary, Naima and Justine.

A walk on the beach, a domestic in Madrid, Gus on stage with the Marquis de Sade and Amazons International.





Contains excerpts from Justine performed by Gus and Section 28.


Episode 6. Charge of the Light Brigade.

Carl's birthday party, Art School, Experimental Music, Paul Neagu and the Battle of Orgreave.





Listen/Watch Gus and Carl's INFECTED playlist here


Episode 7. Hip Priest.

Naima and Mahmoud, a snog at The Leadmill, Carl and Mary go to church.





Contains an audio fragment from NOS's Planetary Mass.


Episode 8. Revenge.

Naima's research, Zed's rehearsal, Mary's interviews and Dave's surprise.






Episode 9. BLIAR.

Bandages, The Group, Tony Blair and Dave's financial career.






Episode 10: The Trip.

Dave takes Mary, Carol, Gus and Carl on a trip. Zed tags along too. It's a day they'll never forget.




The Constellation will return later in the year.


Bonus Track: The Virus (Part 2).

Gus's remix of the Constellation theme tune (from episodes 5 to 10)

Soundtrack album to follow soon.